Stacpoole Collection

Stacpoole wrote The Blue Lagoon, which was a huge success. Up to that time, his books had been met with, as he described it, "public indifference." His background was as a ship's doctor and, later, a country doctor. He had written four novels over 11 years with little success. Enjoying his pastoral life as country doctor, the world-weary Stacpoole imagined how it would be to come forth into the world and see things for the very first time, marvelling at nature's glory in thunderstorms, revel in a new-born baby, events that were commonplace to him now, and so he set to writing The Blue Lagoon.

The commercial success of that one book, reprinted 20 times in 12 years, inspired him to write many more books. At least sixteen of his post-1908 books are being processed into modern formats for this site. There are some real gems in there, in my opinion, including The Beach of Dreams and a very disturbing book about the atrocities of the African rubber industry in The Pools of Silence.

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