Lab 1400 - Tasmania


Barque The 402 ton barque Princess Royal sailed from London 12 Apr 1832 with a load of two hundred free female immigrants. It arrived in Hobart September 6, 1832, five months later. The ship arrived at Storm Bay August 24th but the Master mistook the mouth of the Derwent and entered Frederick Henry Bay. On realising this, the ship was anchored but later a gale sprang up and she started to drag. Then the cables parted. Ralph Dodge, settler, directed her off the entrance to Pittwater, but without any anchors left the Princess Royal soon grounded at Tiger Head. After being lightened by local craft she was refloated early in September, her passengers having been taken off by the paddle steamer 'Surprise.'

The following advertisement appeared in a Tasmanian Gazette, August 14, 1832, just before the ship was to arrive:
We are informed that the Female Emigrants, who are daily expected, have been selected in England by a committee, on whose discretion entire reliance may be placed: and that they will most probably be willing to engage as house and farm servants. They will have their own choice of service. Settlers and others wishing to secure their services to intimate the same to the Colonial Secretary immediately.

When the ship grounded at Tiger Head, and some of the passengers were injured. On September 4, 1832, the following appeared in the Gazette; "Some estimated 50 of the females arrived per Princess Royal are heading to Hospital..." In this article the women were described as, "women of the worst character."

It appears that the advertisement of August 14 disagreed with the reality of the womens' character as reported in the September 4 advertisement a few weeks later. What wasn't reported in the paper was that the majority of the women on the Princess Royal were from reform school, penitentiaries, or asylums in England as shown in the data file for this project.

The plight and story of the women of the Princess Royal made its way into the folklore and the history of Tasmania. Very recently, TasDance presented a play, "Fair Game," based on the story of these immigrants. The author, Carmel Bird, researched the story and found that " 200 women from various London institutions were given free passage to Hobart-town, the capitol now known as Hobart, on board the 'Princess Royal' in the hopes of providing the male-dominated colony with wives and servants. Unfortunately, on their arrival in Hobart, many of the women were deemed 'contaminated' or 'bad' and were sent into the streets to fend for themselves."


You are provided with the list of women passengers on the 1832 sailing of the Princes Royal. The list includes age for most emigrants and a brief description. In your program, read the data file and use a simple array of integers to tally how many passengers of each age were reported on the ship. Use EasyReader to read the data file. Note that some entries do not report an age: handle these with boolean conditionals or catch any NumberFormatException. For any age where emigrants were tallied, report the age and the number who were that old. For example:

Age    Number of Passengers
---    --------------------
11     1
12     2
13     1
14     1
15     5
16     10
17     12

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