Lab 1410 - Flesch


For this assignment, you are to write a program that computes the Flesch Readability Score for a document. The Flesch Readability Score is computed using a formula developed iin the early 1940s. It measures the average sentence length in words and the average word length in syllables. Put these two numbers into a formula and get a number between 0 and 100 that shows you the difficulty of a piece of writing.

Here is the algorithm according to the original author, Rudolf Flesch, along with simplifications you should make for this project:

The readability score is a number, usually between 0 and 100, indicating how difficult the text is to read. Higher numbers indicate easier reading material.

Flesch has provided some examples of readability score calculations from various publications:

Comics 92
Seventeen 67
Time Magazine 52
standard auto insurance policy 10
Internal Revenue Code -6

The Flesch Readability Score can be translated into educational levels using this table:

91-100 5th grade
81-90 6th grade
71-80 7th grade
61-70 8th and 9th grade
51-60 10th to 12th grade
31-50 college student
0-30 college graduate

Given a source file, your program should compute the Flesch Readability Score. It must also provide detailed statistics through accessor methods. Here is the test program:

    public class TestFlesch
      public static void main (String[] args)
        Flesch ms = new Flesch("Gettysburg.txt");   
        System.out.println( "Source text file:  " + ms.getFilename() ) ;
        System.out.println( "Readability score: " + ms.getLegibilityIndex() ) ;
        System.out.println( "Educational level: " + ms.getEducationalLevel() );
        System.out.println( "Syllables:         " + ms.getNumSyllables() );
        System.out.println( "Words:             " + ms.getNumWords() );
        System.out.println( "Sentences:         " + ms.getNumSentences() );

Here is the format of the output using the Gettysburg Address:

    Source text file:  Gettysburg.txt
    Readability score: 61.0
    Educational level: 8th and 9th grade
    Syllables:         374
    Words:             265
    Sentences:         10

Several files are provided for testing:
test-6th-grader.txt suitable for a sixth grader, legibility index 87.
test-college-grad.txt suitable for a college graduate, legibility index 28.
Gettysburg.txt Gettysburg Address.

You may want to test your code with other text files before submitting you code, for grading. I will test it with very easy and very difficult passages and will expect reasonable results.

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