Lab 1990 - Day In History


What happened on a particular day in history?
Who else shares your birthday?

User enters a month and date. Use an ArrayList to store information from a file about events that happened in the month selected, then find events associated with the specified day.

Data Format

All known data about a month is stored in a file with a name such as "monthdata.03" which is data for March. This is the file format used in the monthdata files:

  Any line that starts with 'B' is a birthday:
    B10071885 Niels Bohr, physicist & Nobel laureate, expanded quantum physics.
  Any line that starts with 'S' is a single date or recurring event:
    recurring event example:
    S0401    : April Fool's Day
    single event example:
    S04161866: Nitroglycerine at the Wells Fargo & Co. office explodes.
Sample Run

Results for an example day of July 4 include this display:

    born in 1826: Stephen Foster, American composer, "Oh, Susanna"
    born in 1872: Calvin Coolidge, 30th President (1923-1929)
    on this day in 1054: brightest known super-nova starts shining, for 23 days.
    on this day in 1863: Boise, Idaho founded (now capital of Idaho).
    annual event: Independence Day

All data in the month files was frozen in 1984.

January data file.
February data file.
March data file.
April data file.
May data file.
June data file.
July data file.
August data file.
September data file.
October data file.
November data file.
December data file.
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